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Orin Hatch sums up his view of Obamacare in no uncertain terns and Greta asks him about this.A highlight of otr tonight.

Orrin Hatch: Obamacare Is a 'Piece of Crap,’ 'Dumb-Ass Program'
Thank you Mr Hatch for summing up succinctly what most of us have thought all along.

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i never thought i would live to see history made.My husband and i saw the tumultuous presidential race between Gore and Bush.To think we didn't have a Pres to be sworn in on Jan 1st.Then 9/11. Something we thought would never happen.Now the uprising in Egypt. This happening right before a historic snow storm in the United States.
The big story is Egypt.i don't know how many Americans are following this but it has given the pundits plenty to comment about-or should i say speculate about.
What i think they're missing is that even the Egyptian people don't know what the outcome will be.Some...

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Blah Blah blog isn't very original-nor does it sound really interesting either.
Submit a new blog title.We can only use one but anything is better than the original.
Beck is on...new blog tomorrow.

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I've looked at other message boards(including v bulletin; it has a good rep)and thought this was the best.User friendly,free, lotts of neat features.V Bulletin requires a download-or upload-and this doesn't. This LOOKS as close to v bulletin as any message board out there but we haven't had any visitors yet.
This means any of the following;
1. not promoting hard enough
2. nobody's interested
3. message boards are a dying breed
4. Things i try to do stink on ice
5. ALL of the above.

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Watched the first installment of the 8 week series.Terrific. Great for family viewing.Great to see a real family(like many of us).
Ok,there's some differences but honestly they were like most Americans.
It must be something to live in such a beautiful state but i'm not sure we would care for the necessity to fly to certain locations.It would take some getting used to.Imagine if you lived there most of your life it would be old hat.
They seemed comfortable there.
It was a terrific show.Just too short. A good reason to keep tuned in.I wonder what the ratings will be.I...

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Solved problem.Found new theme that i like for its simplicity. Everything works fine here.
Will stick with this one.

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was considering a change of version and a new theme.None of them worked out very well. Did a restore.This is the best bet.
It's like picking out a new pair of shoes.You try on 20 pairs and end up with the first.
The plan was to see if i could make it a color similar to the one at Gretawire(like it a lot)and keep it as simple as Gretawire.
You know the old saying;if it aint broke,don't fix it.
Time for bed folks.Very late and the birdies will be chirping soon.

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3 visitors tops.
Hold off the stampede. Embarassed
Watched Beck tonight and he's going to conclude the topic tmw.
Will add a synopsis to Beck's Brigades then.(will take notes during the show).Get all the info straight.
Due to a terrible memory i'll get the gist of the show but forget the names and titles.
Got most of the emoticons added.Might add a few more. Checked out the pro board too and changed the emoties there but these forums offer a lot more features including an almost unlimited no of...

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Not sure what to call the forum. NO banner yet.
We get a title,i'll add the banner.
The chat works. The emoticons are all done.
Now it just needs a few more NEW categories and the new title and it's good to go.
We'll work on it tomorrow.

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One small problem.The post text looks like ant print and i can't locate the setting.
Until i do hope people don't go blind trying to read the messages.
I will check with support and see how this can be fixed.
Meantime the font size can be changed per post.
Just use the menu.Second line (under B,I,U etc).
5th one over(after video)
Has the first blue A-font color follows.

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this is the new and hopefully improved FOB.
Just a different theme.
Since i opened the forum there's been a lot going on in the news.The oil spill,the Az law, the Times Sq attempted bombing,Nashville Floods.
If anyone stops in they can start a discussion on these headlines. Meantime i will begin a discussion on each of them.
The weather here has changed dramatically but then it's been doing that every other week.We had snow. I planned on going to our cemetary today for mother's day but it looks like we are going to wait until tmw.
(Husband is out and about too).

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It's a kolobok.Yes, i am having fun fixing up the forum.
And Yes,even more fun writing these blogs to myself.
It's just another day here though.I'm suffering from massive heartburn and watching Red Eye on Fox.
Left some comments at Gretawire. Over did them at O Reilly's message board,stopped by Sodahead to leave a question.
Did a video of our pugs.
Added some posts here.
You have a good day.Leave some comments if you stop in.

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the most visitors here was 2.That means me and one other person.
There's been 2 views.That means i've viewed the blog twice.
Also noticed you can't edit the blog once you've posted.Found some typos and can't correct them.
Will just keep blogging along anyway.In spite of the lack of activity.
Watched Bill tonight as i usually do;should start taking notes.The word of the day was bumpkin.Put up a post re bumpkin at least.
Today is the big tea party event in Washington DC.Fox will cover it.Will have to watch.Maybe Bill will have some comments about it on his show tonight.

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Bil's a fair commentator. It doesn't matter whether he likes or dislikes Barry.
(Obama heretofore called Barry). People who love Barry won't listen to any legit criticism of him.And some people who dislike him are not going to tolerate anything they think gives Barry a break.I,for one,am not cutting Barry any slack.He wanted to be President.Bill tries to be fair though and it usually ticks off people from both sides.I think his analysis of Barry is getting better.Maybe he wanted to cut him a break early on-give him a chance.
He got a chance all right.Plenty of time to make a bad situation...

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I didn't get anything done here today.Turned out to be one crazy day.
Very warm here too.
I am gong to have to get the top political news started.
Am going to put in the next category of emoticons. Holidays.
I did contact the Support forum.See what they can tell me about fixing the font(Text)size.
I'm putting the chat in tonight-but if that doesn't work well I'll sign up for a bravenet chat room.
Greta's on. Have to take off.Missed her earlier.I rarely miss Greta's On The Record.
Take care. See what we have up later on.

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I added birthday and some to general;there's a category for Holidays but none added yet.
Decided against a shout box.Found on some boards it confuses people who are not familiar with forums.
And if there is a chat added(eventually)there's no point in having all 3 going.
The forum and chat would be enough.
Need to decide on some topics next.
Will begin with forum How To's.
Crying or Very sad

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I just wrapped up the Portal.
Debating whether to add another category of emoticons.If i do it won't be this minute.
Probably later on tonight.
Will also add a few topics. Probably news and views and Politics.
Should add some 'how to's'.
For now,the categories and forums are set,the Portal is done and with one click will add the chat.
Shout box? Hmmm.
That's a maybe.
Back tonight to put in the final touches.
Ya'll have a great day.

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