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    i never thought i would live to see history made.My husband and i saw the tumultuous presidential race between Gore and Bush.To think we didn't have a Pres to be sworn in on Jan 1st.Then 9/11. Something we thought would never happen.Now the uprising in Egypt. This happening right before a historic snow storm in the United States.
    The big story is Egypt.i don't know how many Americans are following this but it has given the pundits plenty to comment about-or should i say speculate about.
    What i think they're missing is that even the Egyptian people don't know what the outcome will be.Some are going off the rails about the Muslim Brotherhood and others are totally ignoring the danger they pose.Hardly a peep about them.
    1. I don't think the Muslim Brotherhood inspired this uprising.However,like Rahm Emmanuel said re the Obama Admin;don't let a crisis go to waste.The MB might be keeping their radar up for an opportunity but i am convinced this was a ground swell from the Egyptian people inspired by the ousting of the gov't in Tunsasia.
    2. We(meaning our gov't)need to keep an eye on the Muslim Brotherhood.We also need to encourage the people of Egypt reiterating the need for non violence. I would try to side line the MB as much as possible. I heard pundits (even Geraldo)suggesting bringing them to the table.You must be kidding.
    3. Ultimately it will be the Egyptian people who decide what happens next (not us)and i doubt after 30 yrs of brutal oppression they're going to let any group co-opt their ONLY chance for freedom. Still the MB poses a real threat. Funny how some group of pundits are going off the rails saying the MB orchestrated this uprising. They kept saying things like "don't kid yourselves into thinking this is a democratic movement."
    Others didn't mention the MB at all and some spoke about them as if they were a chapter of the KofC.
    I am absolutely convinced this was a movement of the Egyptian people and i'm very proud and in awe of them.
    It won't stop at Egypt.You have to follow the people to know and not just speculate.Listen to the people.
    Hopefully the next to fall will be Syria and Iran;2 totalitarian states that are very tightly controlled.The Iranian people tried once and didn't make it but they may now be inspired to get the movement going again.
    Hope so!
    Pundits kill me.They so often get things wrong yet a lot of people give them [way] too much credit.
    Anyway,we definitely live in historic times and these are things we will be able to talk to our kids and grandkids about.
    Tomorrow i'll post up a a few clips from the news,some photos of Egypt.Will also put up some news clips re Obamacare.That was the second big headline.

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