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    Interesting Interview with Donald Rumsfeld


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    Interesting Interview with Donald Rumsfeld

    Post by Admin on Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:21 am

    Will have to read Known and Not Known.Sounds like a very interesting book.
    Greta did her usual terrific job of interviewing.
    Always asks probing questions.Treats guest with respect.She can get alot in a little time.Her talent. You have to admire the depth Greta can give an interview.I always learn something when she's done.
    I don't know of any interviewer that does it like Greta.Really.Greta is a good investigative journalist/reporter? I'm not sure how you would classify this.
    Mr Rumsfeld pointed out how the other media interviewed him, such as Diane Sawyer.He was right in this.They were chewing him out for not having a larger force in the Iraq war and these were the same people who criticized the surge. Hypocritical.
    How did you like the interview? What did you take away from it? Will you read his book?

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